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Medical illustration is a unique discipline that clarifies biomedical information using visual communication. MedicalIllustrators use theirspacer 15 knowledge and training in the health sciences to accurately depict complex ideas and concepts. At the same time, they utilize their artistic expertise of different mediums, from classical art to digitalmedia, in combination with their problem solving capability to tell a clear and concise story.

From an early age Lisa had a fascination withmedical art. As a child she would play with anatomical models and exploring though old medical posters while her mother worked as a nurse at Stanford ENT clinic. When Lisa was old enough, her mother helped acquire her a position at Stanford as an office assistant, a position she would hold though much of her undergraduate career. By chance, this positionexposed Lisa to the field of medical illustration. Lisa earned her Masters of Science in Medical Illustration form Georgia Regents University, formerly known as The Medical College of Georgia.

LRS Medical Illustration provides visual solutions to various healthcare related communication problems. We create custom animations and illustrations that maximize the understanding of a target audience based on their knowledge or healthcare and scientific experience.

We offer both 2d and 3d animations. The size and resolution of the animation can be adapted to be viewed on the web. Our illustrations use both traditional and digital techniques, and range from black and white to full color. For any project price is determined by the size and complexity of the project.

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